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AI Governance

We use our experience in data management, risk analysis and compliance to support organisations building up their AI compliance processes.

From policies to impact assessments and training, we move the dial on compliance.

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Policies & Procedures

Policies are key to ensuring compliance with AI principles like transparency, explainability and accountability. We focus on the careful drafting or review of internal procedures and policies, designed for both internal and public audiences. We tailor content by reference to the specific AI use-case, target audience, and your organisation's approach to responsible AI practices.
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Training & Awareness

Our training empowers your team with the knowledge and skills necessary for responsible AI adoption.

We offer tailored training designed to equip your workforce with an understanding of AI principles, ethical considerations, and compliance requirements.

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Contract Review

The AI lifecycle may mean you need to work with third parties for the design, training, auditing or provision of AI systems and services. Our contract review helps strengthen your position and ensure that risks from these AI technology contracts are carefully assessed. Our approach is to focus on the key commercial terms, accountability and risk mitigation.
Our Services

AI Impact Assessments

Our AI impact assessments provide a comprehensive analysis of the risks that may arise from using or developing an AI system. We assess potential risks and evaluate safeguards. Our impact assessments take into account the compliance requirements of the EU AI Act, the UK government’s five core principles, the OECD’s ethical recommendations, and the technical standards set out in the NIST AI Risk Management Framework.

We recommend measures to ensure that you meet principles such as transparency, explainability, accountability, human oversight, accuracy, and robustness. This means your organisation can demonstrate that it has taken steps necessary to manage risks and is ready to leverage the commercial advantages offered by AI.

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AI Governance

Our background in compliance means we are well-placed to offer your organisation strategic compliance advice through the entire AI lifecycle. We combine our knowledge of the EU AI Act and international ethical guidelines with our understanding of the processes you probably already have in place for GDPR compliance. We can update your privacy impact assessment to include relevant questions to assess AI. We can update your privacy notice to cover off AI transparency and explainability requirements. Our experience means we can support your organisation to build on the compliance measures you already have in place, meaning you save time, effort and budget.

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Regulatory Insights

Use our insights and update service to keep on top of changes in national and international legislation and guidance. We monitor the evolving legal landscape and notify you of the changes which are relevant to your business. Our proactive approach means you can comply with existing requirements and stay ahead, strategically aligning your business with the evolving landscape of AI governance. This means that you can anticipate challenges ahead of product launches and reduce friction during the sales process by anticipating questions from customers on your current compliance stance.

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